Parents Contract

• I promise to remember that practice is just as, if not more important than the games and I will see to it that
my player is present and on time to each and every practice. If, for some reason my player cannot make
practice then I will let my coach know of the conflict well in advance.
• I will encourage my son or daughter to practice at home…. Without home becoming a basketball boot
• I promise to only positively route from the stands. I will never boo nor will I heckle. I will never say a
discouraging word to any player, opponent, or coach during a game.
• I will never yell at/argue with a referee during a game. I will remember that you catch more flies with
honey, and it is to our team’s advantage to be respectful to the officials.
• I will understand that the bench is a special place for the players and coaches, and I will remain in the
stands/designated seating area during a game.
• Even thought I am incredibly wise and knowledgeable about the game of basketball, I promise to refrain
from coaching my son during the game. This includes beckoning him over to where I am sitting during the
game, during, a time-out, half-time, etc.
• Even thought he will be open to questions and discussion, I will trust my coach with all final choices when
it comes to what position my son should play an dhow many minutes he should play. After all, a team
would get nowhere with 5 point-guards plying the entire game.
• I will remember, even if the competition is fierce, even if we are down by 60 points, even if the call stinks,
even if the other team is cheating – that we are there to learn, build confidence, develop character, and have
some fun. I will remember to keep it positive and classy and represent my family and city with pride.
Please return the bottom portion of this page to your head coach ASAP – thank you!
I have read and agree to all the above statements.
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