Parents Job Description

Parent Job Description

1.) Bring my son or daughter to all games, practices, and events prepared and on time
2.) Be supportive of all players, coaches, and referees at all times
3.) Be pleasant to all parties in the gym
4.) Offer my assistance to coaches by volunteering my time in a helpful way when possible

5.) Volunteer my skills to the league as either a score keeper or statistician
6.) Discuss the recently played game or practice with my child in a positive, constructive manner
7.) Disagree without being disagreeable
8.) Realize that the definition of success is the satisfaction that you did your best to become your best (not
comparing my child or my child’s team to any other)
9.) Don’t have “Did you win?” be the first words out of my mouth after a game
10.) Encourage practice of recently developed skills at home, as well as the D-League
11.) Seek D-League staff assistance, and work with them in a cooperative manner, if
my child does not seem to be getting the playing time or attention to which he or she is
12.) Maintain good balance in my life and my child’s by realizing that basketball is not
everything – its just a game that we play to have fun
13.) Let my child dream and believe in him or her self
14.) Stay positive and enjoy the season!
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